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Informative Prison Reset - April 2019


Staff member
Dec 26, 2018
APRIL 2019
Hello everyone!
Thank you for your patience on this prison reset, we know it took longer than it should've been, and our apologies for that. But the prison reset is now here! This will bring some bugs with it, but make sure to report them in our discord. You can join the discord by clicking here. If you have any other questions regarding the reset, make sure to ask a member of staff.

  • New Builds
    • We've updated almost every build with a new one! Some of the builds that were changed are:
      • Spawn
      • A - Prison-Lord Mine

  • Rank Changes
    • With your feedback, we have made changes to the rankup prices of all ranks.
      • We will keep an eye out for feedback to change the rankup prices if needed.
    • Prestige prices have been increased.

  • Plots / Cells
    • We made a poll for what you all wanted to see, and with a majority vote of 139, the winner was clear! Cells is definitely the biggest change we made in this reset, and we would love to hear your feedback about this feature!
      • Plots have been removed.
      • Cells have been added.
        • You can access the cells menu with /cells - /cell
        • The cells can be unlocked at the following prestiges
          • Prestige 1 - Level 1 (3x3 Cell)
          • Prestige 10 - Level 2 (5x5 Cell)
          • Prestige 25 - Level 3 (7x7 Cell)
          • Prestige 50 - Level 4 (9x9 Cell)
          • Prestige 75 - Level 5 (11x11 Cell)
          • Prestige 130 - Level 6 (13x13 Cell)
        • We will continue to update the plugin with your suggestions!

  • Donator Rank Prices
    • We have buffed all Donator rank sell prices as many of you thought it was too low.

  • Removed Plugins
    • There are a few plugins that we have removed as not a lot of people used it, or we thought that we could improve on them. (This will be done in the Maintenance Server)
      • The Gangs plugin has been removed.
      • The Quests plugin has been removed.
      • The ColorChat plugin has been removed.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them and we'll do our best to assist. For all players who have bought keys after the 23rd up to today, PM the owner on Discord and we'll refund the keys that you've purchased.

We'll also continue to listen to player feedback + suggestions. You can post them in the suggestions forum, our discord or comment them under this post!
Thank you for playing on ItemCraft, and we hope you enjoy the update!
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