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Informative Future of ItemCraft


Staff member
Dec 26, 2018
Hello everyone!
I know that the goals of our last roadmap weren't reached in-time and that many of you were frustrated with this, which is why this won't be a roadmap but more of a look at the future of ItemCraft.

Starting with our prison server, we're still working on the release of houses which will be available for players that reached prestige 130 as another way to store items and sell their items to other players via chest shops. We are also working on a fix for the cell upgrades so that you can get bigger cells at different prestige levels.

As for skyblock, we're currently looking at some suggestions for a potential reset. We've seen lots of great suggestions and we'll be implementing as much as we can!

Other Information
  1. Some of you may have noticed that the cosmetics are currently not working, we are going to reconfig everything. There will come some new cosmetics, but some older cosmetics will be due to glitches / causing lag.
  2. We're trying to fix the /playtime plugin so that everyone can see their playtime across all servers again. Note that when the plugin is fixed, your playtime might start at 0s and count up from there.
  3. Lastly, a few of you noticed that there is a new server NPC in the lobby! We are constantly trying to make ItemCraft better for you, our community! We do this by making the experience better, giving you more replayability with cells and houses which are coming soon. But Prison and Skyblock can be finished quite fast, which is why we are looking into a new gamemode / minigame! Currently, we have no ETA of when this gamemode or minigame will be released. But we try to make it fun for all players, experienced and not. Our main goal with this extra server is to give you more to do when you're bored with prison for example.

We will release more information on everything once we have it / when we're closer to the release dates.
Thanks for reading, and have fun on ItemCraft!

- The ItemCraft Staff Team